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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Does anyone really need a $150K wardrobe?

I don't think so. Not even our beloved governor turned vice presidential candidate. According to news reports, the republican party has spent over $150 THOUSAND on clothes for Sarah. Most at Neiman Marcus. She is supposedly donating them to charity when she is done, but so what? For someone that is trying really hard to portray herself as a soccer mom, a typical suburban woman, this isn't working. It's just silly and disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately yes. I agree it is silly but there are a whole lot of studies that document that to get respect from the general populous you need to be better dressed than they are.

35 years in a professional position in the work place, I found I have to be slightly better dressed. Any more is intimidating.

Mom again

Loris Mom said...

Thinking back on my prior life as a computer programmer working for Ross, following my own dress code there where times I was called in and censored for dressing too casually when working with the customers techies. Then got called in a few weeks later and given a 15K bonus for a successful implementation.

How one dresses is a really fine line.


Loris Mom said...

During the last few years at Perot Systems I would show up at corporate meetings in jeans, a tee shirt, and sneaks. Then prop my feet on the seat in front of me. Sometimes down dressing is a statement also.

How one choses to dress is always important. So is body language.

Mom again

favorite grandma said...

It is my opinion that if Sarah Palin is going to run for vice president, then she should dress the part during the campaign, just as if she were already elected. One would never wear blue jeans and a t-shirt to an interview for a suit job. But isn't the real issue is where the money came from? Could this be constured as a political gift? A bribery of sorts, or even a mis-management or mis-appropriation of funds?