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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tolerance ... and Proposition 8

As most people probably know by now, Proposition 8 is the initiative that was passed in California on Election Day that provides that marriage can only be between a man and woman. Lots of people are very upset that it passed, and there have been lots of protests. There have been several protests outside the LDS temple in Los Angeles. I am sure that part of the reason is that the church supported the passage of Prop 8. Here are some pics:

I can't get the pictures to line up well, but you get the idea. These photos were taken at a protest outside the LA temple. The gay rights movement is constantly asking for tolerance. If these pics are any indication, I think they are sadly lacking in a trait they demand from everyone else.
When you consider that only between 2 and 5 percent of the voters in California are Mormon, the vote clearly did not ride solely on the Mormon vote. And if most Mormons voted for Prop 8, so what anyway? Aren't we all supposed to vote for what we think is right, regardless of whether other people will like it?


Anonymous said...

It could be argued that: "we all supposed to vote for what we think is right, regardless of whether other people will like it?"

It could also be argued that human/equal rights should extend to everyone.

Why not allow all forms of marriage as long as they aren't imposed on anyone? Surely what people do in their own homes/how and who they love is only their business. Gay marriage? Sure. Polygamy? Sure, as long as it goes both ways. Marriage before 18? No. Divorce? Yes, because life happens.

The basic human right to love and live together should not be dictated by any state.
Your thoughts?

homebrewlibrarian said...

I continually find it sad that those who have been most discriminated against are often those who will discriminate against others given the opportunity. Instead of understanding what it's like to be insulted and abused for who you are or what you profess or whatever, it's like if the tables are turned, the previously discriminated want to get some of their own punches in.

The two greatest commandments were love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and spirit and love your neighbor as yourself. So simple but so, so difficult to do.

Prayers of love to the Mormon church in California. Prayers of love also to opponents of Prop. 8.


Loris Mom said...


As you know I despise intolerence in all forms, wether it be from the Gays or the Christian right. Maybe it was those 5 years of Quaker schools.

But there is a difference between marriage as a sacrament and marriage as a social institution.

Allowing gays to marry as a social institution does not threaten the churches who see marriage as a sacroment.

Plus, you are concerned about the environment. It helps keep the population down.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Today in the NYT
Inquiry Set on Mormon Aid for California Marriage Vote

SAN FRANCISCO — California officials will investigate accusations that the Mormon Church neglected to report a battery of nonmonetary contributions — including phone banks, a Web site and commercials — on behalf of a ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage.


Mr. Karger said he respected the right of Mormons to vote in line with their religious beliefs, but added “if they’re going to play politics, then they need to play by the rules.”

The California Supreme Court agreed last week to review the constitutionality of the measure, with a ruling expected next year.