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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not good news...

New article about global warming:

"The most comprehensive modeling yet carried out on the likelihood of how much hotter the Earth's climate will get in this century shows that without rapid and massive action, the problem will be about twice as severe as previously estimated six years ago - and could be even worse than that."

Twice as severe as previously thought. And what was previously thought was pretty damn bad. And if you read the article, it doesn't even account for "possible" methane releases as permafrost melts, as is happening already.

So, you know, the climate change thing is NOT going to be pretty. If we are lucky, we will not have committed mass suicide. We can only wait and see. And do everything we can to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions as much as we can, as fast as we can.

But how likely is that to happen, really? When we are in the middle of an economic crisis? People are thinking about how bad things are NOW, not how bad things will be later. So, in the long run, we are likely in pretty bad shape.

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Aonika and Richard said...

So, will you have better luck in Alaska for sustaining life or will you have better luck in Utah... :) Because , this could REALLY be a good excuse for me to move up there! I LOVE YOU... how is everything else going for you?