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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not Long

Less than a year ago, we got a second dog, a malamute. There is a picture of him here:


He was a dog we adopted from someone else without knowing him at all. He was a friendly dog, but he really didn't mesh well with us.
He was afraid of James, especially if he happened to have a tool or stick in his hand, making us speculate about what had happened to him before we got him.
We have almost 3 acres, plenty of room for a dog to run, but he would run too far. And he usually would not come when we called him.
With all of that, he was friendly, very pretty, and gentle with the kids. He seemed like he was bonding with us.
Yesterday morning before I left for work, I went to put him on his chain and he got away from me. I called him but he would not come to me, and took off running. He didn't come back right away, which is not unusual. By last night I was starting to worry, as it is well below zero.
James called me today to tell me the dog had been hit by a car. He was already dead when James found him.
The kids were sad, of course, but seem to be handling it well. We will all miss him. Goodbye, Strider.

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Chile said...

I'm so sorry for the death of your dog.

Aonika and Richard said...

That's terrible. I am so sorry sweetie. If there is anything I can do , let me know. MISS YOU - hugs...

melissa said...

I am sorry for you lost. My little sister lost her black lab tha way...his name was Strider also.