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Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm back, and we're building

It's been awhile, and the only excuse I have is the one I always use, that work has been crazy. But it seems like things might be slowing down some, so I am going to try to start blogging again.
There is lots going on this summer, but I am not going to try to put it all out there at once.
The biggest project is the house. We are putting on an addition with a basement and main floor. The main floor of the addition is at the same height as the landing of our stairs, and it is accessed from that landing. On that level will be two bedrooms and a bathroom. The smaller bedroom will be Becky's and the boys will share the bigger one. The basement of the addition has a concrete floor and walls. It will hold a large pantry, a studio for James, and a sitting area that will double as sleeping space for any guests.
The basement floor and exterior walls were poured last fall. So far this spring, the framing has been done, and the roof sheeted. The roof doesn't have tar paper or shingles yet, but it will soon.

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