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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Gotta tell you about our dog. On Memorial Day weekend, we were up at our land working. This dog, that was obviously hungry, and very dirty, came wandering into our campsite. Well, she stayed all weekend. It was obvious by the end of the weekend that she liked us. And we all liked her. She is a very gentle dog, good with the kids. But we weren't planning on getting a dog until we moved onto our land. But she had other plans. She could tell we were getting ready to go home that Sunday, and sat by our truck, whining, while we packed up camp. We were going to leave her a bowl of food and some water, but we weren't planning on taking her home. The kids were all upset, because they wanted to keep her, and crying. So, when we were ready to leave, and the kids were all buckled in, I went to get in the truck, and she was sitting in the front seat. James tried to push her out, but she sort of melted into the seat, and wouldn't budge. So I looked at James, and James looked at me, and he finally said, "Well, she at least has to get in the back seat." And we added a dog to the family, just like that.

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