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Thursday, August 23, 2007

so he's right again....

It is so frustrating that it seems like James is always right. I wrote, in my first post on this blog:

"We are building a small (24' x 28') cabin with a loft to live in while we build our house. I am determined that we will be living in it by the time school starts. My husband is convinced that it will take a little longer than that to get it done. I, however, will not concede defeat until Monday, August 20, the first day of school, if we are not living there. Until then, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it. My husband says I should mention that he is a carpenter (and I am not), so therefore he is right. According to him. :)"

OK, so it is now August 23, school has begun, and we are not living in our cabin. The biggest thing slowing us down is that we can only work on it two days a week. We live in Anchorage, and our property is an hour's drive away, so the only time we go is on the weekends. We have been going every weekend, but it just isn't enough. We still have so much to do. We are going to try to finish the roof Labor Day weekend, and the weekend after that, we need to finish sheeting the sides of the house. Once that is done, we install windows. Then siding, insulation, sheetrock, flooring, installing the wood stove, etc... maybe by Christmas???

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