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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

... and a happy new year!

We spent the new year's weekend at our cabin, Saturday through Tuesday. For New Year's Eve, we built a fire, set off fireworks, and let the kids do the sparkler thing....

It was a first for us, doing fireworks and sparklers and such in the snow. But it is a typical Alaskan thing. We don't do fireworks on the Fourth of July, because we can't see them, as it is light all night. So we do them when we can. And judging by last night, boy, do we Alaskans do them. It sounded like we were being bombarded, there were so many firecrackers going off in all directions. And we could see lots of other people's in addition to our own. It was a lot of fun, and it was also very satisfying and symbolic to bring in the New Year in our own home.

So, now it's 2008, and along with probably just about everyone, I have been thinking off and on all day about what this year is likely to bring for us. And although there are lots of issues out there that could impact the way we live our lives, for the purposes of this, I will assume (and no one needs to tell me what assuming does ;)) that the big picture stays relatively constant, that we are not, in fact, going to see TEOTWAWKI in 2008. (TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It)

1. We will (hopefully sometime at this end of 2008) move into our cabin. It will still be incomplete when we move in, but saving approximately $1000 a month in rent will mean we can get it finished much more quickly.

2. We will probably live all year with limited electricity, using only what we can run on the generator, charge in the power outlet in the truck, or maybe get some solar. We will probably have to switch to a laptop computer, with satellite internet access.

3. We will hopefully get a well dug, so that we have running water, instead of depending on a truck to fill up our 150 gallon tank every so often. Then we will just keep the tank full for emergencies, such as a broken well pump.

4. We are going to plant an immense garden. I plan on lots of potatoes, carrots, and parsnips for staple crops, as well as the obvious onions, garlic, lettuce, brocolli, etc. We will plant apple trees, raspberry bushes, strawberries (duh), and blueberries. We will try arctic kiwi. We will probably save the walnut trees for next year. I am absolutely vetoing any non-organic fertilizer, and working hard on a compost pile. For moose control we have a .30-06. If shooting into the air doesn't scare them off, we will have fresh meat, in season, of course.

5. Unfortunately, the pounds have crept up on me a little bit recently. They are going to go away, and quickly. I have better things to do than get fat.

6. We will decide at some point this year whether we are going to simply put an addition on the cabin we have built, or build a house, as was the original intent. There are pros and cons on both sides, and lately it seems we have been changing our minds on this subject every few days. We have at least decided that we are going to move into the cabin, get it completely finished, and not start building again until summer of 2009. That will give us time to get settled and decide what we really want, and what we have the energy and money for.

7. I am getting a piano, and I am going to continue to learn to play, as I am finding it very enjoyable, even on a 15 or 20 year old electronic keyboard.

8. I will vote for President. I will not vote for Hillary. Or Mitt. Or Rudy. I don't know yet who I will vote for. Maybe Ron Paul. Maybe I will write in Al Gore (I am regretting not voting for him when I had the chance). We'll see.

So, that's my to-do list for this year. What's yours?

Happy New Year!

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