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Friday, May 2, 2008


I know, its been almost a month since I posted.  A lot has gone on in that time, both here on the homestead and out in the world. Hopefully, I will be able to post fairly regularly from now on. 
Once we got moved into our cabin, it meant we no longer had internet access from home.  Turns out I have missed the internet access at least as much as the running water. And the lack of electricity has only been a problem in that it contributes to the lack of internet accessibility.  To compound the difficulty in blogging, the computer system at work has been modified to make it impossible to update my blog from work in the traditional manner (signing into blogger and creating a new post, then looking at it on the blog to make sure it is good.)
I have finally figured out how to post via email, and I can get to my personal email address from work, as of right now.  Turns out I could have figured it out a long time ago as it is not difficult, but I have had lots of other things on my plate distracting me.  This is my first attempt at posting via email, so I hope it works. Someone who can look at my blog should post a comment and let me know, as I get email copies of all comments.  Thanks for your help!
I am still working in Anchorage, which is 55 miles from where I live, and my husband and I commute together.  However, the neat little car we bought now needs a new engine, so we are currently spending over $200 a week in gas to drive James's work van back and forth, as the van only gets marginally better gas mileage than the Durango.  We plan on purchasing an engine or taking the one we have apart and rebuilding it as soon as the mud in our driveway dries enough to let James work on the car without the jack and engine hoist sinking in. Right now, regular gas is $3.74/gal in Anchorage and $3.81 in the Mat-su Valley, where I live. 
The mud issue was compounded last weekend, when we got a record breaking spring snow storm, leaving us with almost a foot of new snow.  It's gone now, but everything is wet.