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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Re: sardines, anyone?

OK, so several people have asked me for pictures of how all five of us are squeezing into this little cabin, and how we do without electricity, running water, etc.  So, here are some pictures.  I am posting by email, so I have to divide the pictures up into groups, or blogspot rejects the post.
If you look at my post with the cabin plans, you can tell which part of the cabin each picture is showing.  http://lifeonthelastfrontier.blogspot.com/2007/11/cabin-plans.html
There is one showing our couch, that wraps around the intersection of the bathroom wall and the north living room wall.  See our pretty paint?  To the left of the couch is a big tool box, that I did not bother taking a picture of.  To the right of the couch is the stack of mattresses the kids sleep on.  Every night, we spread them out, and every morning, we pile them back up again so that we can walk through the house and sit on the couch without walking on mattresses.  Once we get the rest of the ceiling mudded and painted, we will set the bunkbed back up, and that will alleviate this big mess.  Past the beds, you will see the toy boxes in the corner.  Each child has one, and every inside toy they own must fit inside it with the lid shut, to control the mess. 


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