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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


So, for the last several days, it has been cloudy, rainy, and relatively cool. Makes sense... August is almost here. August in Alaska is typically cool and rainy, and it is a reminder that the weather will quickly become much more tempermental. September is a nice reprieve, being generally sunny and mild, with weather in the high 50's to mid 60's during the day, and then October hits with a vengeance. There is snow on the ground by Halloween without fail, and it lasts til April.

So, in the midst of this cloudy, rainy weather, I suddenly felt this overwhelming urge to knit something warm for my children. I had been working on a gift for someone, as well as my bamboo & wool beaded socks, and a shopping bag, but none of those were sufficient to satisfy my need for warm and comforting. What exactly is it that makes me all of a sudden start thinking about winter's chill, and not being able to relax and enjoy my knitting until I had started something that would help protect one of my children from it? Is it motherhood that brings out this protectiveness? It's not like it will be fifteen below tomorrow, and it's not like they will freeze if I don't knit for them. After all, there are plenty of warm clothes in the stores.

I didn't want to buy more yarn, since we are trying to get the cabin done, so that left me two options. I could knit a pair of felted slippers for my 4 year old, who has outgrown last winters, or I could start this sweater for Ryan, my 12 year old. The needles for the slippers were currently holding a partially finished shopping bag, so I decided to start the sweater rather than slip all those stitches (and yarn overs) onto something else until I was done making slippers.

This yarn is clearance yarn, from Wal-mart, of all places, that I bought ages ago. $2 a skein, so the entire sweater will cost $6. Can't beat that. It is Lion Brand Homespun, and since it is bulky weight, it is knitting up very fast. I started it Sunday evening, and I already have 9 inches done. I used a pattern from the Lion Brand website that calls for the Homespun yarn, and I would post the link, but you have to register to see it. Ryan loves camoflauge and the plain beige will look great with his cammo pants. The knobby texture makes it fun to knit with too, although it knits somewhat odd... the stitches look much less neat and orderly, but it works for a 12 year old boy just right. And it is soft and thick, and will keep him warm.

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