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Monday, July 9, 2007

Making good progress...

So, this weekend, we went back out to our land, and got more work done. We framed in the upstairs window, and then started on the interior. We framed the bathroom walls and the walls for the arctic entry. We then put the beam across the ceiling between the dining area and the living area, and hung the floor joists for the loft. I am feeling like we are making pretty good progress.
Ryan is a little spider still, climbing on the tops of the walls with no fear of heights or apparent awkwardness. Reminds me of the time we went for a drive down to Southern Utah when I was pregnant with Steven. I wasn't feeling up for a hike at 8 months pregnant, but James and the kids went wandering around, and they came to a spot where the rock made a narrow chimney. James says he had about decided they wouldn't make it up it, and looked around and Ryan, about 9, had splayed his arms and legs out sideways and scooted right up it. He has always been an excellent climber.
It rained on us Saturday, again. But Sunday, it cleared up, and we had a beautiful, sunny day. It got up to 64 degrees, perfect T-shirt weather. By the way, it was 99 degrees yesterday in Salt Lake City. NO THANK YOU!
I read Sharon Astyk's blog on a regular basis. She is an interesting woman. She has four children, and owns a farm in New York. She is also in the process of writing a book, and still has time to write lengthy, thought-provoking blog entries several times a week. Sharon had an interesting post on her blog today... you can see it at: http://casaubonsbook.blogspot.com/2007/07/pick-up-your-hat.html
Is it time for us to pick up our hats? There is more than one reason we are building a little cabin to live in while we build our house. At this point, it does not make sense to us to be paying rent and a land payment. Also, I definitely think it is past time that we should be growing our own fruits and vegetables, canning the fish we catch, owning a few chickens (meat and eggs), sheep (wool... duh), and rabbits (meat and fur), and starting to do more for ourselves. And besides, the wool and rabbit fur part should be fun.... angora socks, anyone?

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