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Thursday, July 12, 2007

On the needles

Well, I didn't intend for my blog to be all about my house, but that is what it has been so far. So, to add some variety, I thought I would share what I am knitting. There are two or three projects on the needles that aren't on here because they didn't photograph well, and a pair of socks I am knitting for Ryan isn't here, because they are in the truck, and the truck is not here at the moment. And one is a gift for someone, and I don't want to give the secret away.

So, this first picture is a beautiful beaded sock. Obviously, at some point, there will be a second. But I suffer from second sock syndrome big time, so we will cross that bridge when we come to it. The yarn is an interesting mix of wool and bamboo. It is extremely soft, with a very nice hand. Makes me wonder if I could grow bamboo if I had a greenhouse. I have to tell you, I LOVE this yarn. This pair of socks will be for me. I think the socks I make are much more comfortable than store-bought (no annoying seam across the top of your toes, for example).

This is also a pair for me. It is made from Koigu yarn. It has an intricate lace pattern that winds up looking like leaves layering over each other that is just beautiful, but hard to photograph with the digital camera on my cell phone. Long story about the camera.

This is an excellent example of second sock syndrome. See sock #1? Fully complete. See sock #2? Barely begun. Has been sitting barely begun for at least a couple months. Sigh. The first one was a joy to knit, so hopefully I can reimmerse myself in it again soon.

This is a sweater I have been knitting for my 7 year old. No, I have to be honest and say this is a sweater I haven't been knitting for my 7 year old. She turned 7 in November. She was 6 when I started it. I started this on metal needles, because I conveniently had a pair the right size. I HATE metal needles. I HATE metal needles when knitting cotton especially. What does cotton do on metal needles? It slides. It slips and it slides all over the place. I have the front done, and this is the back. I don't dare switch to wooden needles because I know it will change the guage. Plus it is on long, straight needles, and it is heavy. I know a circular needle would hold the weight so much more comfortably. So, it sits in my drawer ignored.

And this is a shopping bag. A reusable shopping bag that can be crumpled up and shoved in my purse, and pulled out when needed. I think the world can use a little fewer plastic bags in the landfills. I think the next one will perhaps be made out of something a little thinner. This is dishcloth cotton. On wooden needles, where it slips much less.

So, now you see the majority of my projects. My husband seems to think it frustrating to find half-finished knitting projects on needles wherever he looks, but he is getting used to it :)

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