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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

insulation and more

This is a picture of the insulation on our roof. We also have it on our walls. Our house will stay warm. The only place not yet insulated is the vaulted portion of our back wall and ceiling. We will do that this weekend, after we move our scaffolding inside. We also have our stairs done, along with the framing for the stair and loft walls:

We have a deadbolt on our front door, and a key. We do not yet have a doorknob. The cabin is wired for electricity, for if we ever hook it up. The septic tank is in. So we have made a lot of progress in the last couple weeks. This weekend, we will finish the last bits of insulation, install the PECS pipes for water flow, install vapor barrier on the ceiling, and start sheetrocking.

I am hoping I can convince James that now is the time to install the wood stove. I was out there for three days and nights this past weekend, and with only a small kerosene heater running a couple hours a day, and temps in the 20's and 30's, it was quite chilly.

Speaking of cold, it looks like our house will become one of those Alaskan icons, at least for a season: we will have house wrap visible on our house all winter. There is another reason that you see Tyvek houses in Alaska... it gets cold before the siding is done. It is too cold for us to paint our siding, so we are waiting til spring.

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