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Sunday, October 14, 2007

last weekend

This is where we were last weekend:

We were finishing putting OSB on the walls of the cabin. Here's Steven, looking out of the second floor.

Where Steven is standing is the area where our water tank will be. We have a 150 gallon water tank that we will have filled up by a water truck every so often throughout the winter, until the ground thaws enough to have the well dug. It is up on the second story in order to provide at least a small amount of pressure, so that when we turn on the faucet in the kitchen sink, water will actually come out of it. We are going to be learning lots about water conservation, I am sure. I am hoping we won't have to have it filled more than once every other week or so. I will be very happy to have the well dug, however, as I hate to rely on someone with a truck for something as essential as water.

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Loris Mom said...

A few things I learned in Arizona. Do not let the water run while brushing your teeth. When showering, get wet, turn the water off, soap, let shampoo drip in eyes, turn the water on, rinse. ;-) Have fun! Seeing it with a door and windows gives a perspective, the cabin is a lot bigger than I expected. Mom