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Monday, November 12, 2007


Maybe. Or maybe not. I have mentioned in my blog before that there is ALWAYS snow by Halloween, and that by then, it stays for good, until about April. Well, there wasn't. In fact, for the last several weeks, we have been about 15 degrees warmer than normal, with no snow. Well, it snowed this weekend, while we were up at our cabin, and it was wonderful. The kids got to play in the 3" or so we got, and it was very nice to be snug and warm in our cabin while it was snowing outside. (We have a kerosene heater we are using until we get the wood stove installed.) So it was looking like winter was finally here. My kids got up this morning totally excited about FINALLY being able to wear their snow pants to school. I got up this morning totally excited about taking winter pictures and posting them on the blog, and bragging to all and sundry about our wonderful snow. Then I went outside to put my youngest on the bus for school.
What? What is that sound? That.... dripping.... sound? Oh, it is the snow MELTING. It is not cold enough today for our snow to stay snowy. It is turning into yucky, mushy, wet slush. Dammit.

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