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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

interesting article about Alaska's oil

I found an interesting article the other day. It talks about how much oil we should expect to find in ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) and NPR-A (National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska), while avoiding the moral question of whether we should be drilling there. From this article's perspective, at least, while everyone knows there is oil in both places, it isn't likely that there will be another find like Prudhoe. Take a look:


It also talks briefly about a factor in Alaskan oil that has bothered me for some time: the minimum operating flow of the pipeline. There has to be a certain amount of oil flowing through it to make it work (I assume to maintain sufficient pressure to move the oil 800 miles). Oil tankers may be a partial solution to this problem, at least in the summer, but it will certainly be much more expensive.


Kati said...

*waving* Hi!!! I just found you through Casaubon's Book and thought I'd visit. I live in North Pole, AK. Kinda curious where you're at, since you mentioned that you're in borderline planting Zone 3. Unless the fairbanks area has changed from a 1 to a 2, I'm guessing you must be further down towards South East AK.

Nice to "meet" another enviro-conscious, economically-conscious Alaskan, here on blogspot.

I'll be around again, I'm sure. Blessings!

Knit2dye4 said...

Our property is in the Mat-su valley, near Big Lake. Thanks for reading my blog!


Anonymous said...

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