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Monday, February 18, 2008

yummy sock yarn

I absolutely love this yarn. I got it at my favorite local yarn shop, Knitting Grounds (http://www.knitsfromgrounds.blogspot.com/). The yarn is made here in Alaska, in Big Lake, just a few miles from where our cabin is. This yarn is so wonderful that I had to sit right down and start knitting:

A sock, of course. But this time, I am knitting from the toe up. Why? Because I don't know how much yarn I have. I mean, I know I have 3.5 oz. But how much sock it will make is a mystery. If you start a sock from the toe, you get the entire foot done, and just make the cuff as long as you have yarn for. If, however, you start from the cuff, if you make the cuff too long, you could easily run out of yarn before you get to the toe. Then you are in trouble.
But there is more. I also had to make sure I had enough yarn to do it twice. After all, I have two feet. So, at my yarn store, I wound all this yarn into one big ball and weighed it. It weighed 3.5 oz. Then, leaving the big ball on the scale, I started winding off of it into another ball. Once I got to 1.75 oz remaining, I weighed the other ball just to make sure, and yep, 1.75 oz. Cut the yarn, and I have two fairly equal balls of yarn.

When I started knitting, I was absolutely enchanted by the yarn. It is simply red and blue stripes, but when you start looking at it, the stripes are not sharply delineated, and the shades of red and blue change throughout the yarn. It is one of those yarns that I just have to knit and knit, and when I am not knitting, my fingers itch for my knitting needles. About the only thing that successfully distracted me from knitting this weekend was my beautiful yellow walls in my loft. See below.

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homebrewlibrarian said...

Having seen the yarn and sock up close and personal, I'll have to agree that it is some very yummy yarn. The photos don't quite portray the brilliance of the colors.

I sure hope you get two full socks out of that yarn and not anklet height ones. It would be great for other people to see those colors!