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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

this makes me mad....


So, we can justify spending TRILLIONS of dollars getting our soldiers killed in Iraq, but we can't make sure people stay warm this winter???

I know, lots of people think that poor people are poor because of their own laziness, bad choices, whatever. And some of them are. But some of them are poor because they don't speak English well, can't get a good job, are disabled or in poor health, daycare costs so much they might as well not work, etc. And REGARDLESS of why the parents are poor, the kids are helpless.

I don't much agree with just handing out money to people, even though I have to admit I am looking forward to the "rebate" we will all be getting this spring... it will be paying for my kitchen cabinets. But things like heating assistance that go directly to the utility company to help keep the electricity on and the house warm, I am totally in favor of.

And for the government to say there is no money for the HEAT program while the Iraq war is costing so much, and is such a waste of money, is just plain ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

We had friends who because of medical problems were struggling with paying for their heat. They could get help but only a 100 gllons of propane-well in our area a 100 gallons is good for maybe a week or 2 if you keep it at like 50 degrees. But OMG lets send more money to Iraq. Makes me mad also!

Anonymous said...

im leaving this one alone to hot of a subject