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Sunday, February 17, 2008

we all live in a yellow submarine....

Frosted lemon yellow, to be exact:

We painted the walls of the loft today, this beautiful butter yellow color. Not the bright yellow of melted butter, but the creamy yellow of fresh butter. Those of you that know me well are probably not surprised. Yellow is, after all, my favorite color.

We also painted the ceiling, but it is just flat white. But I am tickled pink... er... yellow... about my pretty walls.

The other big thing we did this weekend is the tile that will surround the wood stove:

Right now, it is the kerosene heater sitting on it, not the wood stove. And there are still spacers between the tiles, and no grout yet. But the tiles themselves are set. Hopefully, two weeks from now, we will be installing the wood stove. And it will go right there.


Anonymous said...

Nice color. At least I like it ;-) Mom

msaonika said...

I love the color. Yellow, which incites happy feelings, will definately be a compliment to your room I am sure. Want to add some purple to it? :D They are complimentary colors you know! Anyway, you know that I am not a huge fan of yellow, but this looks fantastic! Have you finished with your Kitchen Floor? I would love to see pictures of that too! LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

it will look better once ur hubby gets some paintings hung