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Sunday, February 24, 2008


James likes to fish. Plus, we all like to eat fish. However, when the fish is buried in the bottom of the freezer, it doesn't get eaten very quickly. We are going to be moving into our cabin sometime in the near future, and we won't have a freezer once that happens. Why? Because we won't have electricity. And it is almost March and the snow will start melting soon, so we can't even bury our frozen meats outside. So, I had to do something about the bags of fish in the bottom of our freezer. I got out my pressure canner and glass jars, and canned it. We now have 2 pints and 24 half-pints of salmon. (The 2 pints are because I ran out of half-pint jars). Every single jar sealed. I was very pleased, especially since it was the first time using my pressure canner. Check it out:

I am feeling like I had a productive weekend.


Anonymous said...

something fishy going on here

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